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03 06 2024

Silvair leads the way in wireless lighting control with first-ever DLC listing for Bluetooth NLC compliance

Silvair becomes the first lighting control solution to be listed by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) as compliant with the Bluetooth® NLC standard.

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12 03 2024

Silvair teams up with MaxLite as Bluetooth NLC continues to gain momentum

Silvair announces a partnership with MaxLite, a pioneer in energy-efficient lighting solutions for the U.S. market.

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15 01 2024

Silvair Firmware 2.30 NLC is here!

Silvair Firmware 2.30 NLC has been released, introducing Bluetooth® NLC compliance and many new features and improvements!

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13 11 2023

Silvair completes Bluetooth NLC qualification, becoming the world’s first certified supplier of Bluetooth NLC solutions

Silvair Firmware, used by lighting component manufacturers to enable Bluetooth® Mesh connectivity in their products, becomes the world’s first qualified Bluetooth® NLC solution.

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22 09 2023

Bluetooth SIG introduces Networked Lighting Control (NLC) Profiles

Silvair welcomes Bluetooth® NLC as an important milestone in the development of a global and interoperable standard for wireless lighting control.

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    22 08 2023

    Silvair Unveils New Silvair Professional Support Center to Empower Customers in Lighting Project Implementations

    Silvair, a leading innovator in smart lighting solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the Silvair Professional Support Center, a set of services designed to empower customers ...

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    23 02 2023

    WEBINAR - How APIs and Connected Services are changing the role of lighting in intelligent buildings

    Intelligent lighting solutions can create and gather a wealth of data about the building. From highly granular occupancy data to per device telemetry, and all the way to gathering environmental ...

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    18 05 2022

    Maximize your energy savings with the new Silvair energy monitoring service!

    Silvair - a wireless lighting control technology provider, has released a new connected lighting service that allows users to monitor and evaluate how much energy their lighting system ...

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    02 03 2022

    Put your lights on schedule! Silvair releases Bluetooth mesh in-node scheduling feature for lighting control

    In-node scheduling allows users to set up events that trigger predefined scenes at desired times. Contrary to gateway-based scheduling, it does not require a gateway device or even an ...

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    15 07 2021

    Enabling self-powered EnOcean switches in Bluetooth mesh

    Silvair has just released the new custom Bluetooth mesh specification for the EnOcean Switch Mesh Proxy Server model. This mesh model is a software that translates the messages ...

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    25 03 2021

    STEINEL’s SENSOTEC NET energy-efficient solution with Silvair technology inside

    The company SILVAIR, offering innovative IoT solutions, providing the technology that reduces energy consumption in commercial buildings, announces a partnership with STEINEL Solutions AG, a part of the STEINEL ...

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    25 02 2021

    Aleo Lighting saves the energy with Silvair technology

    The company SILVAIR, offering innovative lighting control and IoT solutions announces a partnership with California-based Aleo Lighting. As part of the contract, Silvair will provide firmware for lighting components as ...

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    23 07 2020

    LSI Industries partners with Silvair and joins the Bluetooth mesh ecosystem.

    Krakow, July 23, 2020 - Silvair, a pioneer in mesh lighting networks and a leading provider of qualified Bluetooth mesh solutions for lighting control, announces a partnership with LSI ...

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    28 01 2020

    Visit us at Light + Building 2020!

    We’re gearing up for Light + Building 2020! The world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology takes place in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) on March 8-13. There ...

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    12 11 2019

    Silvair to provide wireless technology for OSRAM’s new lighting control system

    Krakow, November 12, 2019 - Silvair, a pioneer in mesh lighting networks and a leading provider of qualified Bluetooth mesh solutions for lighting control, today announced a technology partnership ...

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    03 07 2019

    Silvair strengthens UK presence with Architectural FX as new distribution partner

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    22 05 2019

    Press release: Silvair wins LFI Innovation Award

    Silvair Commissioning redefines the commissioning process, once again earning recognition from lighting industry experts

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    21 05 2019

    Silvair Commissioning awarded with 1st prize at LFI’19

    Great news arrived from Philadelphia today - Silvair won the prestigious LFI Innovation Award! Our Silvair Commissioning solution was awarded with the 1st prize in the category “Control and Distribution ...

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    21 05 2019

    Silvair goes global with Future Electronics partnership

    Montreal, May 14, 2019 - Silvair, a pioneer in mesh lighting networks and a leading provider of qualified Bluetooth mesh solutions for lighting control, has announced a partnership with Future ...

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    07 05 2019

    Silvair to broaden cooperation with McWong International

    Silvair Inc., a company offering innovative solutions for the Internet of Things, has expanded its cooperation with the Chinese - American components manufacturer McWong International, Inc. The companies have signed ...

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    25 04 2019

    Silvair and the city of Jaworzno introduce innovative wireless lighting control technology

    The first phase of the lighting system upgrade at the Jaworzno Centre for Vocational and Further Education has just been completed. The joint project between the Jaworzno City Council and ...

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    23 04 2019

    Let’s meet at LFI’19

    This will be a great opportunity to meet and discuss how Silvair can help you integrate your products with Bluetooth mesh, the most robust and mature wireless standard for professional ...

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    28 03 2019

    Linmore LED partners with Silvair, joining the Bluetooth mesh ecosystem

    Fresno, CA, March 28, 2019 - Silvair, a pioneer in mesh lighting networks and a leading provider of qualified Bluetooth mesh solutions for lighting control, announces partnership with Linmore LED, ...

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    18 03 2019

    Silvair strengthens sales team in North America

    Silvair Inc., a company offering innovative solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things) area, is strengthening its team on the US market. In March, the Company has appointed Jim Sekinger ...

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    13 03 2019

    Retrofitting McWong warehouse in Sacramento

    Several weeks ago, our partner McWong completed the first stage of a lighting retrofit at its 25,000-square-foot facility in Sacramento.

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    04 03 2019

    Simon re-appointed as the Chair of the Mesh Working Group

    Great news arrived from the Bluetooth SIG last week! Simon Slupik, CTO of Silvair, was re-appointed as the Chair of the Mesh Working Group.

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    21 02 2019

    Silvair partners with LA Lighting as Bluetooth mesh ecosystem continues to grow

    Los Angeles, February 21, 2019 - Silvair, a pioneer in mesh lighting networks and a leading provider of qualified Bluetooth mesh solutions for lighting control, announces a partnership with LA ...

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    11 02 2019

    Silvair is actively pursuing strategic partnerships

    Rafał Han, CEO of Silvair, interview for Parkiet TV

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    17 01 2019

    Silvair Firmware & Commissioning updates: what’s new?

    Every now and then, we release new versions of our Silvair Firmware solution and Silvair Commissioning tools. With each such release, we introduce new features and improve the existing ones. ...

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    09 01 2019

    Get ready for SIL 2019!

    We’re gearing up for yet another Strategies in Light event which begins on February 27 in Las Vegas.

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    21 12 2018

    Silvair: another contract with an international supplier on the lighting market opting for the company’s solutions based on the Bluetooth mesh technology

    Silvair Sp. z o.o., a member of the Silvair Group, offering innovative solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), has signed agreements with Zumtobel Group AG, an international ...

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    18 12 2018

    Silvair with the first contract to sell the Commissioning Tool, i.e. tools to configure a smart lighting network in the Lighting Control as a Service (LCaaS) model

    Silvair Inc., a company offering innovative solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things) area, has signed the first contract to sell the Commissioning Tool (which is an element of the ...

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    05 12 2018

    Silvair acknowledged by the lighting industry

    We are proud to announce that, in recent months, Silvair has been highly acknowledged by the lighting industry. Our interoperable wireless lighting control solution, based on the Bluetooth mesh networking ...

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    05 11 2018

    Presenting lighting innovation at LuxLive 2018

    On November 14-15, join us at LuxLive 2018 - one of the biggest events hosting dozens of lighting specialists from all around the world - where you’ll get a ...

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    22 10 2018

    What makes your lighting smart - a free webinar with LuxReview

    On October 31, Simon Slupik will co-host a webinar for LuxReview to explain why Bluetooth mesh embraces the Information-Centric Networking model and what benefits it generates - from faster commissioning ...

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    04 10 2018

    Come and meet us at LightShow West 2018

    On October 17-18, you’ll have a chance to see us at one of the largest lighting events hosting hundreds of architects, designers and other lighting professionals from all over the ...

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    22 08 2018

    Talking Innovation in Lighting - Silvair at TiL and LpS 2018

    On September 25, we will be coming to Bregenz, Austria to participate in the TiL 2018 and LpS 2018 co-hosted conference. This will be a great opportunity ...

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    22 08 2018

    Celebrating 20 years of Bluetooth in California

    On September 18, we will be at Santa Clara Convention Center in California to participate in the official exhibition of the Bluetooth SIG - Bluetooth World. During the event, ...

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    26 07 2018

    Silvair raises PLN 20.1 million (approx. $5.5 million) to continue the development of its interoperable lighting control technology [press release]

    Cracow, July 26, 2018 - Silvair, a pioneer in smart lighting technologies based on the Bluetooth mesh networking standard, obtained new funds for the further development of its wireless ...

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    24 07 2018

    Learn about the advantages of the Information-Centric Lighting Control at IES 2018 Annual Conference

    On August 10 (Friday), Simon Slupik, CTO of Silvair, will be heading to the IES conference to shed some light on the new approach to wireless communication in ...

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    11 06 2018

    Meet us at Lighting Fixture Design Conference 2018!

    On June 20-21, we will be in London promoting our interoperable lighting control solution based on qualified Bluetooth mesh during the Lighting Fixture Design Conference!

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    30 05 2018

    Come and join us at Lightfair International 2018!

    On May 8-10, Silvair will be presenting its lighting control solution at Lightfair International 2018 - one of the world's largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade shows!

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    05 03 2018

    Commissioning platform ready for launch!

    Silvair’s commissioning platform, a set of dedicated tools designed for setting up Bluetooth mesh smart lighting networks, is ready to be used in professional applications!

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    13 02 2018

    Join the webinar with Lux Review about commissioning!

    On February 28, Ray Pfeifer, VP of Sales and Business Development at Silvair, will have the chance to shed more light on the commissioning procedures!

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    13 02 2018

    Let’s meet at Light + Building!

    On March 18-23, 2018, come and visit Silvair at Light+Building 2018, one of the biggest trade shows focused on innovative lighting and building automation technologies!

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    27 10 2017

    LuxLive 2017 is coming!

    Join us at LuxLive 2017 (November 15) at booth no. J49 where we’ll be showcasing our robust and complete lighting control solutions based on the Bluetooth mesh technology!

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    25 09 2017

    A new white paper on Bluetooth mesh networking models

    Feel free to download our white paper and learn how to build adaptive, sensor-driven lighting control systems based on Bluetooth mesh networking!

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