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Our robust wireless technology is used across the globe, enabling our partners to transform the existing building stock with minimum disruption, fast ROI, and IoT opportunities ahead. Together, we drive the shift towards sustainable, high-performance buildings.
Bringing wireless controls to the epicentre of connectivity


The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is the well-recognized standards organization that oversees the development of Bluetooth® standards and the licensing of Bluetooth® technologies and trademarks to manufacturers. The SIG is a not-for-profit, non-stock corporation founded in September 1998 with its headquarters in Kirkland, WA. This year, the time came for the lighting infrastructure at the Bluetooth SIG headquarters to be remodelled.


Factory-commissioning that simplifies the process and makes the installation faster than ever.

LSI’s client — one of the large petroleum chains — decided to test the AirLink Blue solution at several newly acquired sites that required lighting retrofits. The customer was looking for an easy-to-install, reliable, low-cost wireless control system capable of meeting energy code requirements


The largest Bluetooth® mesh lighting control installation in the world!


The project itself consisted of 3,685 Bluetooth mesh McWong TruBlu lighting controllers (installed in fixtures). Utilizing the TruBlu web app, EMC designed the project with 43 areas and 708 zones.

This work was accomplished off-site using the TruBlu web app from McWong, Silvair’s technology partner, which provides tools for project creation, design, and configuration all prior to on-site commissioning. The control scenario’s were configured for either occupancy, vacancy, manual, or by schedule.


Energy and Cost Savings at Pioneer Markets in Mariposa and Waterford, California.

Pioneer market is a family owned grocery business operating in Mariposa, California and Waterford, California. Their mission is “Providing the Best for Our Community” and delivers on that by providing quality and cost savings for their customers. When it came time to upgrade their lighting systems their foremost goal was to improve the customer experience with higher natural light levels.


150,000 sq ft facility with Bluetooth mesh luminaires

"The ability to pick and choose from a variety of hardware manufacturers and put them together on the same Bluetooth platform to control the light fixture of our customer’s choosing is a testament to what an open standard control system should look like."

Romano Vlastelica, Founder and Director at Pentalux



Lighting up Yamaha warehouse with Bluetooth mesh standard


A smooth upgrade from full-on luminaires to efficient, sensor-driven control strategies.



Lower energy costs

120,000 sq feet illuminated by Bluetooth mesh luminaires

Located in the picturesque city of Red Deer, Westerner Park is Central Alberta’s largest trade show, agriculture, entertainment and sports facility. For more than 125 years, it has been a destination of choice for locals gathering to celebrate all kinds of community events. Just recently, it has also become home to some of the biggest Bluetooth mesh lighting control networks.



Bluetooth mesh standard enters OSRAM office


OSRAM has launched a new wireless control solution for qualified Bluetooth mesh lighting networks. To demonstrate its capabilities, our partner revamped the lighting controls at its Munich offices.


Fast and easy

Bluetooth mesh standard reaches new heights


A Bluetooth mesh lighting network was installed inside one of North America’s most spectacular structures. Components with the Silvair firmware were used to retrofit the lighting system in the iconic Stratosphere Tower, the tallest freestanding observation tower in the U.S.



Energy monitoring

Retrofitting the Brussels office of Macq


Silvair lighting control technology enabled a rapid lighting retrofit at the Brussels office of Macq Mobility Management Solutions. It resulted in deployment of a robust 360-node Bluetooth mesh lighting network. The Brussels project showcases the flexibility of Bluetooth mesh and Silvair lighting control solutions in meeting different lighting needs across an architecturally diverse office environment.



Retrofitting The Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland


The Galicia Jewish Museum was looking for ways to offer its visitors even deeper and more unique cultural experiences.


Retrofitting McWong warehouse in Sacramento, CA


A recent retrofit of McWong’s 25,000-square-foot facility in Sacramento is the biggest warehouse implementation of a SIG-qualified Bluetooth mesh lighting network to date. Involving multiple luminaires from different manufacturers, the project highlights the interoperability of Bluetooth mesh and the benefits that the technology can deliver in industrial spaces.


Retrofitting Billingsley Company office spaces in Dallas, TX

To showcase the capabilities of Bluetooth mesh lighting networks in different types of office spaces, Silvair together with Murata have implemented a wireless control system at Billingsley Company office building.


Silvair technology enters school in Jaworzno, Poland

The goal of the project was to install a lighting control system in selected workshops and corridors. The installation is fully autonomous and adapted to the teaching requirements for each space.