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Silvair Platform

Silvair Platform is a complete smart lighting ecosystem that enables manufacturers to deliver enhanced lighting experience to their customers. It is a complete set of hardware and software tools that allow installers and property managers to wirelessly configure, control and manage commercial lighting systems, thanks to which they can drive down energy costs, increase the efficiency of their assets, and improve the wellbeing of building occupants.

With a fully scalable architecture based on the Bluetooth® mesh technology, Silvair Platform enables building owners to build multi-service lighting networks that generate data from sensors and physical assets. This gives them unprecedented insight into real-time performance of the entire lighting infrastructure, as well as into processes taking place across a given space. By putting that data to work, they can predict, enhance and visualize building performance to improve site profitability, optimize space utilization, or increase customer satisfaction levels across all types of commercial spaces - from retail outlets and shopping centres to hospitals, airports and museums.

We provide our partners with an entirely new infrastructure for connecting people, places and things.

Benefits for

As promising as the IoT market is, introducing connected solutions into a lighting company’s portfolio requires an enormous development effort. Allowing lighting manufacturers to focus on their core businesses, we take care of all software-related aspects of that transition so that they can quickly start enjoying numerous benefits provided by the Silvair platform.
These include:

  • interoperability with the enormous installed base of Bluetooth devices
  • continuous insight into product performance and usage patterns
  • seamless commissioning process reducing customer support requests
  • streamlined integration via Silvair MATE (Manufacturing and Testing Environment)
  • cutting-edge, value-added products and services in manufacturer’s portfolio
  • ability to improve products that are already in customers’ hands (via over-the-air update)
  • opportunity to monetize value-added services (e.g. beacons)
  • opportunity to move toward subscription-based business models
  • being at the forefront of disruptive market trends

Silvair Mesh

The entire wireless communication within Silvair Platform happens via a robust Bluetooth® mesh network. Truly outstanding features of the Bluetooth® radio allowed us to effectively address the major challenges that smart lighting systems typically struggle with in commercial environment, such as ensuring low-latency and synchronous operation in high-density networks. Other features and capabilities of Silvair Mesh include:

    • full scalability
    • automatic device discovery
    • simple commissioning of associations
    • groups and scenes
    • multi-user control
    • over-the-air updates
    • configuration backups
    • government-grade security
Why Silvair

Reliable partner

Having developed a pioneering, proprietary mesh architecture based on Bluetooth Smart, we are now the leading contributor to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group which aims to standardize mesh networking support. Immediately after the formal adoption of the Bluetooth mesh architecture, our platform will become fully compliant with the standard via over-the-air update.

Be first to the market with Bluetooth® Mesh certified products!

Silvair Mesh Stack

Silvair Mesh Stack is a complete and flexible implementation of the Bluetooth® stack, which enables low-latency wireless mesh connectivity in high-density lighting networks typically found in commercial spaces. Designed to meet the challenging requirements of commercial lighting environment, it allows lighting manufacturers to easily incorporate a robust and reliable wireless communication technology into their products.

Silvair Mesh Stack has been designed as an integration-ready solution, but at the same time our application firmware remains fully configurable. This allows manufacturers and developers to customize the features of their products in accordance with specific applications or customers’ needs. With flexible integration options (PWM/0-10V/UART/DALI), Silvair Mesh Stack ensures a smooth transition into the Internet of Things for manufacturers of LEDs, drivers, switches and sensors.

Silvair Lighting Firmware

    • switching
    • real-time dimming
    • tunable white
    • HSL, color tuning
    • flexible integration (PWM/0-10V/UART/DALI)
    • associations with sensors and switches

Silvair Mesh

    • device discovery and provisioning
    • groups and scenes
    • multi-user control
    • over-the-air update
    • government-grade security
    • scalability to thousands of nodes

Hardware (compatible with BLE 4.0)

Being silicon agnostic, Silvair Mesh Stack doesn’t lock manufacturers into any specific hardware. However, we do have a list of recommended chips, which we believe are best suited for lighting applications. Contact us for more information.

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Commissioning and maintenance tools

To enable end users to make the most of their smart lighting environments, we have designed dedicated setup, management and maintenance tools. In addition to facilitating the commissioning process and maintenance procedures, they also handle the flow of data generated by individual nodes of a multi-service mesh network.

At its core, the Silvair Platform consists of several finely orchestrated, complementary components: a powerful Internet gateway which also serves as a data hub for routing sensor and fixture data to the cloud (Silvair Gateway), a secure cloud service for storing sensor/fixture data as well as configuration backup data (Silvair Cloud), an intuitive smartphone application for performing ad hoc adjustments to network configuration (Silvair App), and a browser-based interface (Silvair Portal) for setting up advanced lighting scenarios and monitoring lighting system performance in real time.

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In addition to an adaptive, personalized and fully-tunable lighting environment, smart luminaires provide multiple value-added features that go well beyond just lighting up a space. Tangible benefits can be obtained across all types of commercial spaces, e.g. in retail, offices or museums:

  • freedom of configuration, flexibility of use
  • significant energy savings via advanced lighting control strategies
  • improved performance, comfort and well-being
  • time savings via asset tracking and predictive maintenance
  • increased safety
  • stronger customer engagement via beacons
  • higher sales productivity
  • instant access to actionable data

About us

Our team of world class software developers, hardware engineers, UX designers, product managers and testers is fluent with all major communication protocols, including Z‑Wave, ZigBee, 802.15.4‑based 6LoWPAN and several proprietary sub‑GHz ISM. However, our development efforts focus on Bluetooth, hands down the most robust and energy efficient low-power radio technology. We are at the forefront of disruptive market trends, developing cutting edge software and hardware solutions redefining the paradigms of lighting control and commercial building automation.

As a leading contributor to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, we’re also driving the development of the global Bluetooth Mesh standard, firmly believing that its upcoming adoption will finally open the door for smart lighting networks to become widely deployed in professional applications. Not afraid of any challenges, we are ready to change the way people interact with spaces around them. It's all about delivering comfort, safety, efficiency and outstanding user experience.

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