Make your building more sustainable and efficient

Silvair’s energy monitoring service allows you to monitor, visualize, and forecast the energy consumption of your lighting installation. It also allows you to monitor the savings being achieved by the retrofit installation – both kWh and cost savings. It’s a revolutionary approach.

Download the fine-grained energy data and identify excessive energy consumption across the building, reduce the peak energy demand, and take advantage of peak-time rebates. The service is also compliant with the DLC NLC5 requirements and supports other lighting standards.


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Our whitepaper


Download our white paper to learn about:

  • lighting control strategies natively enabled by Bluetooth Mesh
  • different ways of delivering energy monitoring data
  • predicting post-retrofit energy savings
  • maximizing efficiencies with DLC NLC5 certification

Unlock the Power of Energy Efficiency: Download Our Free White Paper Now!

Our white paper delves into the benefits of Bluetooth mesh and how it helps businesses reduce energy costs and achieve sustainability goals. From advanced control strategies and regulatory compliance to energy monitoring and efficiency adjustments, the leading wireless standard lights the way to a sustainable future.

Download now and learn how to unlock massive energy savings today.

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Intuitive dashboards

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With a wireless control system deployed in your building, you can closely monitor and control how much energy your lighting consumes. From individual rooms to entire floors and buildings, you will get detailed energy consumption data just as you need it.

  • The Silvair energy monitoring service calculates the energy use of each device from an energy profile that is set up during commissioning, and the actual light level recorded for each luminaire.
  • Energy consumption is monitored per zone in real time and aggregated over 15-minute intervals.
  • The energy use report for the area provides a visualization of the energy use for each zone.
  • The energy savings feature provides a 12-month forecast of the energy savings for the upgrade project compared to the pre‍-‍upgrade fixtures.
  • The average monthly energy use & cost for the project since the date that monitoring started is displayed, together with the projected average monthly and annual use and savings
  • Coming soon: The Silvair energy monitoring service reads the energy use of any D4i-compliant drivers in the installation.

90% energy savings in outdoor lighting at Irvin BMW!

Watch a video case study to see how BMW Irvine car dealership in California achieved 90% energy savings by installing Linmore LED fixtures and UltraLink wireless controls with Silvair technology.