Energy consumption API for integration with external systems


In addition to energy dashboards available directly in our commissioning apps, we also provide energy data API endpoints. System integrators can utilize them to build their own solutions and tools that leverage energy data analytics to drive efficiencies across commercial spaces.

Our energy consumption API returns the energy use of a project, area, or zone (group of devices), as a total or in 15-minute aggregates, for a selected period.



Intuitive APIs

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To maximize efficiencies, the data from energy consumption API can be used together with other data streams. Additional APIs enabled by us for Bluetooth mesh lighting control networks include:

  • Occupancy API for accessing zone occupancy data based on sensor status
  • Scheduling API for managing the scheduling of lighting events
  • System monitoring API for low-latency light level and sensor status monitoring
  • Remote control API for low-latency remote control


Leveraging building data to maximize efficiencies

Our partner Sylvania uses a combination of Silvair APIs to enable essential building data to be used by other systems - such as HVAC, air quality monitoring, or smart surveillance. That data can be further processed to maximize energy savings, optimize workflow, facilitate meeting bookings, locate people and objects on a floorplan, facilitate asset overview, enable floorplan navigation and remote control options.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how your company can turn essential building data into tangible value.


How do we measure energy consumption?

Our APIs calculate energy consumption based on the following data obtained from a lighting control network:

  • rated power
  • dimming level over time
  • energy profiles input during commissioning

In the future, measured energy use as recorded by the devices themselves will be available (via Sensor Ready, DEXAL or D4i protocols).



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