Factory-commissioning that simplifies the process and makes the installation faster than ever.

LSI Industries manufactures non-residential lighting and retail display solutions. They are a public company listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. In 2020, LSI released the AirLink Blue lighting control solution based on the Silvair technology. Since that time, they have delivered almost 100 projects using AirLink Blue commissioning tools. Half of them were carried out at petroleum sites throughout the entire U.S.

LSI’s client — one of the large petroleum chains — decided to test the AirLink Blue solution at several newly acquired sites that required lighting retrofits. The customer was looking for an easy-to-install, reliable, low-cost wireless control system capable of meeting energy code requirements. These outdoor projects were typical retrofits where old canopy lights were to be replaced with LED fixtures featuring AirLink Blue controllers.


Extremely fast retrofitting


Each site had about 40 fixtures with sensors / controllers. LSI used their own products from the Scottsdale Vertex series (LSI SCV LED 15L SC). These are the most feature-rich gas canopy fixtures in the company’s portfolio. The fixtures were accompanied by sensor controllers from McWong Inc.

First, LSI developed a project profile with their customer. This included holding preinstallation meetings with installing contractors responsible for each site, explaining the process in detail, and analyzing site plans to precisely locate luminaires within individual zones. All of the 35 sites had the photocell control scenario applied. This lighting strategy enables the luminaires to be switched on/off automatically whenever it gets dark or bright. In addition, the light level can be adjusted automatically to a desired level whenever occupancy is detected within a given area. With such a well organized pre-planning stage, LSI is able to save considerable amounts of time during the fixture replacement process. It was also crucial for the customer that the retrofit would be carried out as fast as possible, allowing the sites to operate without any downtime. With the convenient two-stage commissioning process enabled by AirLink Blue, LSI was able to pre-commission the devices before even visiting the installation site. At the end of the day, the onsite installation process was down to lamp replacement only.

The installation of Vertex canopy fixtures with • improve visibility Bluetooth mesh lighting controls allowed LSI’s customer to significantly reduce costs, enhance energy efficiency, and improve safety and visibility at their petroleum stations.




  • significantly reduce costs
  • enhance energy efficiency
  • improve safety
  • improve visibility



Silvair Team

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