17 01 2019

Silvair Firmware & Commissioning updates: what’s new?

Every now and then, we release new versions of our Silvair Firmware solution and Silvair Commissioning tools. With each such release, we introduce new features and improve the existing ones. From now on, we’ll be posting brief updates in the News section of our website whenever a new release is announced. This way, we’ll keep our partners, potential customers and investors informed about ongoing developments.

Don’t expect us to go very deep into details, though. The goal is to provide a quick summary of what we've been working on since the previous release. If you have any questions about specific features or improvements, don’t hesitate to contact us at business@silvair.com.

Without further delay, let's get to the latest release!


Silvair Commissioning V201809 went live several days before the end of 2018. It includes the following highlights:

  • The scheduling feature became available in our web and mobile applications, extending the list of advanced lighting control strategies supported by Silvair Commissioning tools.

  • A new control scenario (“Multiple scenes”) was introduced. It allows for implementing up to 4 customizable scenes within individual zones. Each of these scenes can have different light levels and behaviors.

  • Renaming individual devices is now possible in the Silvair Mobile App. This should make commissioning and maintenance activities a bit easier.

  • It is now possible to set the minimum light level for any scenario involving the daylight harvesting feature.

  • Multiple UX and UI improvements were introduced.


Shortly after that, we also released Silvair Firmware V2.11. It includes the following highlights:

  • We introduced the DALI energy monitoring feature for Osram DEXAL drivers. The supported parameters include non-resettable energy consumption, as well as input power level.

  • It is now possible to adjust the Supply Voltage Monitor threshold voltage values to meet individual requirements of our customers. Silvair Firmware will recognize the preset voltage level and safely power down the device if the threshold is not reached.

  • We introduced certain changes to our Light Lightness Controller to maintain compliance with specification erratas published by the Bluetooth SIG.

  • The Silvair DFU mobile app can now be used to upload new firmware to non-Silvair MCUs.


That’s it for now. We keep developing new features, though, so expect another update within a couple of weeks. If you have any questions regarding the latest releases, please contact us at business@silvair.com.