12 03 2024

Silvair teams up with MaxLite as Bluetooth NLC continues to gain momentum

Krakow, March 12, 2024 — Silvair, a leading provider of commercial-grade wireless lighting controls based on Bluetooth NLC, announces a partnership with MaxLite, a pioneer in energy-efficient lighting solutions for the U.S. market. As the company’s network partner, Silvair will bring its wireless control technology to MaxLite’s broad c-Max controls ready luminaires.

MaxLite chose Silvair as one of its network partners due to their full technology stack for advanced wireless controls and IoT enablement based on Bluetooth NLC open standards. It enhances the value proposition of c-MaxTM to now include scalable and technology agnostic solutions such as Bluetooth NLC qualified interoperable devices that provide new functionality and features with easy swap of sensors, explained Umesh Baheti, SVP Product and Engineering New Technologies at MaxLite.

We are equally enthusiastic about partnering with MaxLite, recognizing the company's innovative spirit and its commitment to simplifying the adoption of advanced control technologies in lighting. MaxLite's patented USB-C based controls and its broad controls-ready product portfolio offer unparalleled ease of use and installation, said Simon Slupik, CTO of Silvair.

The collaboration is not just about bringing two complementary technologies together; it's about setting a new standard for innovation and ease of use in the lighting industry. Based on a shared vision of making wireless controls more accessible and sustainable, the partnership is pushing the boundaries of what's possible, making advanced lighting controls more intuitive, efficient, and adaptable to customer needs.

Bluetooth NLC drives innovation in lighting control today, enabling companies to build powerful and data-rich solutions that drive efficiencies across commercial spaces. The first full-stack standard for wireless lighting control covers standardization on the radio layer, the protocol layer, and the device layer, enabling multi-vendor interoperability and positioning itself as the global wireless standard for commercial and industrial lighting applications.


About MaxLite Inc.

MaxLite has been committed to providing energy-efficient lighting products since 1993. One of the first movers into LED technology in the industry, MaxLite offers an extensive line of quality, certified indoor and outdoor LED lamps and luminaires. A five-time recipient of the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award for its industry leadership, MaxLite continues to be at the forefront of energy-efficient technologies through the innovative research and development capabilities of its teams and facilities in New Jersey, Indiana, and globally. To learn more about c-Max Network Partners, visit www.maxlite.com/cmax.

About Silvair

Silvair is a leading provider of wireless lighting controls based on the global Bluetooth NLC standard. As the world’s first qualified Bluetooth NLC solution, we empower our partners across Europe, U.S., and Asia to develop robust components and systems that combine commercial-grade reliability with endless data discovery capabilities. Silvair leverages the unique characteristics of Bluetooth NLC to provide easy-to-use and intuitive tools for commissioning, managing, and monitoring of wireless lighting control networks. To learn more about Silvair, visit www.silvair.com.