25 02 2021

Aleo Lighting saves the energy with Silvair technology

The company SILVAIR, offering innovative lighting control and IoT solutions announces a partnership with California-based Aleo Lighting. As part of the contract, Silvair will provide firmware for lighting components as well as tools for configuring and managing lighting infrastructures.

Aleo Lighting designs and manufactures high-quality products with performance and reliability in mind. Aleo's mission is to provide better light quality and reduce energy consumption.

As part of the cooperation, the Aleo company has already launched the Aleo Blue system based on the Silvair technology, dedicated for offices, schools and warehouses.

Aleo has already finished the first project with Aleo Blue. The office and warehouse spaces of the carrier Roy Miller Freight Lines in California have recently been retrofitted. The company has been carrying cargo for over 50 years, offering the best shipping value in the state. On nearly 1.4 hectares of area, it was possible to save nearly 74% on the LED replacement only, and an additional 50% saving estimated from the use of a lighting control system.

“More and more companies decide to cooperate with SILVAIR, convinced about the great energy savings possibilities. Indeed, the right configuration, the choice of lighting scenarios can provide up to 70% savings in energy costs. This pushes us towards greener and self-sufficient buildings, ”says Rafał Han, CEO of Silvair.