02 03 2022

Put your lights on schedule! Silvair releases Bluetooth mesh in-node scheduling feature for lighting control

In-node scheduling allows users to set up events that trigger predefined scenes at desired times. Contrary to gateway-based scheduling, it does not require a gateway device or even an Internet connection to enable cost-effective installations.

This is an important addition to the suite of lighting control strategies available in Silvair apps. 

“There are many small to midsize projects that need to keep their lighting control infrastructure at a bare minimum for various reasons. The INS feature is designed to address such cases, allowing schedules to be stored and activated within individual network nodes. Our team spent a lot of time developing this complex functionality and it’s finally available to our customers. We’re happy it’s working the way we all desired” - said Rafal Han, CEO at Silvair. 

Installations using the scheduling feature are recommended to include an real-time clock (RTC) node for optimal performance and time synchronization, however, this is not required. Having said that, the first RTC (real-time clock) device from CDI has passed Silvair acceptance tests and will be commercially available in early Q3 of 2022. 

The in-node scheduling feature is being tested in several projects in the U.S. and Europe by Silvair partners like Sylvania Lighting or Linmore LED.

​​“Sylvania always strives to deliver, the best quality light, in the right place, at the correct time. With In-Node Scheduling we can truly answer this need by tailoring individual, time-of-day relevant light level settings for each zone and maximize energy savings withoutimpacting occupancy comfort.

Realizing this powerful benefit through a decentralized, free of central control, system with no additional hardware or wiring is key to a more intelligent, sustainable building. Why have efficient lighting but used inefficiently such as lighting up a whole floor brightly for just the security guard to see his walk round the path after midnight. Make lighting relevant to the time and use case needs at that time.

At Sylvania we are delighted to offer this new feature and help our customers and help them reduce operational costs and decarbonise further.” Edward Lees, Head Of Technical Product Development – Digital Solutions and Services – Feilo Sylvania International

To get familiar with the scheduling configuration process, please watch Silvair’s video tutorial explaining how to set up a simple scheduling scenario in the office environment. For more information please contact our representatives at business@silvair.com