13 11 2023

Silvair completes Bluetooth NLC qualification, becoming the world’s first certified supplier of Bluetooth NLC solutions

Krakow, November 13, 2023 - Silvair, a leading provider of commercial-grade wireless lighting control solutions based on Bluetooth Mesh, announced completing the Bluetooth NLC qualification process for its firmware stack. Silvair Firmware, used by lighting component manufacturers to enable Bluetooth Mesh connectivity in their products, becomes the world’s first qualified Bluetooth NLC solution.

Bluetooth NLC Profile Specifications were released a month ago, six years after the adoption of the Bluetooth Mesh standard. Bluetooth NLC Profiles are device profiles that sit on top of Bluetooth Mesh, each with its own set of performance parameters and supported models. By adding standardization at the device layer, Bluetooth NLC enables multi-vendor interoperability and positions itself as the global wireless standard for commercial and industrial lighting markets. It also facilitates project specification, since the requirement to support NLC Profiles is now sufficient to ensure compliance with the Bluetooth Mesh standard.

From the market perspective, Bluetooth NLC becomes the ultimate distinguisher between standard-compliant solutions and proprietary systems that use Bluetooth only to a narrow extent. Such systems use standardized Bluetooth communications only to establish a link between the network and the smartphone during the commissioning process, but rely on proprietary protocols for day-to-day network performance and system security. Bluetooth NLC addresses the resulting market confusion, allowing customers to easily identify components and solutions capable of providing the level of reliability and scalability attributable to the Bluetooth Mesh standard.

Understanding the opportunities that Bluetooth NLC opens up for all market participants, Silvair supports the Bluetooth SIG’s efforts aimed at delivering a full-stack standard for wireless lighting control that ensures standardization from the radio through the device layer. By completing the Bluetooth NLC qualification for its firmware stack, the company commits to developing its products in line with the Bluetooth SIG’s vision of the standard development.

'Bluetooth Mesh has taken wireless lighting control experience to an entirely new level. Bluetooth NLC leverages its outstanding wireless capabilities, delivering a powerful standard that is ready to drive the global transition to connected lighting,' said Rafal Han, CEO of Silvair. 'The Bluetooth SIG has decades of experience in building worldwide standards. We are fully aligned with their vision of Bluetooth Mesh development. This is where lighting control innovation happens today'.

Since the Silvair firmware stack was qualified as a Bluetooth NLC subsystem, the company’s manufacturing partners can qualify their products via a fast-track qualification process. This allows them to get to market quicker with interoperable and Bluetooth NLC-compliant products, without having to undergo hundreds of compliance tests.

The Bluetooth firmware stack developed by Silvair has been optimized to enable low-latency communication even in high-density lighting networks that use sensors to drive efficiencies. To support its partners’ transition to wireless, the company provides a full range of dedicated testing, prototyping, and manufacturing tools that streamline and facilitate the process of integrating Bluetooth Mesh connectivity into lighting and sensor products.


About Silvair

Silvair is a leading provider of wireless lighting control solutions based on the global Bluetooth Mesh standard. We empower our partners across Europe, U.S., and Asia to develop robust components and systems that combine commercial-grade reliability with endless data discovery capabilities. Silvair leverages the unique characteristics of Bluetooth Mesh to provide easy-to-use and intuitive tools for commissioning, managing, and monitoring of wireless lighting control networks.