28 03 2019

Linmore LED partners with Silvair, joining the Bluetooth mesh ecosystem

Fresno, CA, March 28, 2019 - Silvair, a pioneer in mesh lighting networks and a leading provider of qualified Bluetooth mesh solutions for lighting control, announces partnership with Linmore LED, a U.S. lighting manufacturer offering LED solutions that are in the top 1% of performance in any product type offered.

As part of the partnership, Linmore LED will expand its product portfolio with Bluetooth mesh luminaires that can connect with the lighting and sensing products compliant with the Bluetooth mesh standard. The company will also use a set of commissioning tools for setting up and managing Bluetooth mesh lighting networks to deliver the full solution to the end users.

“At Silvair, we believe any building can be smart. We are committed to empowering our partners around the world to provide lighting solutions that support energy efficiency, security and comfort for the occupants. We’re happy that Linmore LED shares this vision and wants to be part of this change,” says Rafal Han, CEO of Silvair.

Linmore LED is led by a team that has been in the lighting industry for decades. Our management is a collection of a wide breadth of backgrounds including lighting design, manufacturing, and contracting. We are all excited to take the next step towards the future of lighting control. Bluetooth mesh and Silvair lighting control solutions are a perfect match for our high-performance luminaires that are used by contractors across the entire U.S.,” says Paul Chamberlain, President and CEO at Linmore LED.

“Linmore LED is excited by the open-platform nature of Bluetooth mesh and the future opportunities to integrate products, services, and information from a variety of manufactures/providers that will add value to a facility’s management,” adds Paul Chamberlain.

Silvair facilitates the transition to wireless by providing lighting manufacturers with a complete lighting firmware, as well as a set of commissioning tools that simplify and accelerate the commissioning process. As a leading contributor to the development of the Bluetooth mesh standard, the company offers solutions that have been qualified by the Bluetooth SIG. This shortens time-to-market for manufacturers, while ensuring cross-vendor interoperability within the qualified Bluetooth mesh ecosystem.




About Linmore LED

Linmore LED Labs makes a high performance line of commercial and industrial LED solutions for both retrofit and new fixture installations. Linmore LED is known for its patented Light Bars and makes its own innovative Drivers for a vertically integrated approach to the market. Linmore LED’s product line is designed for performance, efficiency, maintainability, and longevity offering 20 year warranty on many products.

For more information, visit www.linmoreled.com.


About Silvair

Silvair provides a complete wireless lighting control solution based on the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard. Component manufacturers can easily integrate it into a variety of products, flexibly choosing specific features in accordance with their customers’ needs. In addition, Silvair provides dedicated tools for commissioning and managing Bluetooth mesh lighting networks in commercial spaces. Silvair Commissioning has been designed from ground-up to streamline and accelerate the commissioning process, so that it can be carried out without specialized training or lighting control engineering expertise.

For more information, visit www.silvair.com.