03 06 2024

Silvair leads the way in wireless lighting control with first-ever DLC listing for Bluetooth NLC compliance

Krakow, June 3, 2024  — Silvair, a leading provider of commercial-grade wireless lighting control technology, is proud to announce its latest achievement in becoming the first lighting control solution to be listed by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) as compliant with the Bluetooth NLC standard.

This marks a significant milestone not only for Silvair but also for the entire ecosystem of Silvair partners who design and manufacture qualified Bluetooth lighting control components. The new listing demonstrates that key lighting industry bodies already recognize Bluetooth NLC as a legitimate standard for interoperability and performance in energy-efficient lighting control solutions, affirming both its economic and environmental benefits.

There are products already available under this new listing, so building owners can immediately start taking advantage of relevant rebates and incentives, said Rafal Han, CEO of Silvair. The ecosystem of qualified components will continue to expand rapidly with the growing adoption of Bluetooth NLC. We firmly believe this will be the go-to wireless standard for lighting control in commercial applications, he added.

One unique thing about the DLC NLC5 certification granted to Silvair is that it covers the entire cross-vendor ecosystem of products that are based on the company’s wireless technology. The vast majority of solutions listed by DLC are closed systems from individual brands, but Silvair does not provide a lighting control system in its traditional meaning. Instead, the company acts as a wireless technology provider, delivering flexible Bluetooth NLC firmware and powerful commissioning tools to its partners – component manufacturers, luminaire makers, and system providers. It is an ecosystem of fully interoperable products commercialized under multiple different brands, reflecting the open and interoperable nature of the Bluetooth NLC standard. The new listing proves the outstanding reliability and efficiency of the Silvair solution, but also provides multiple benefits to Silvair partners. Depending on the way they implement the Silvair technology, this either automatically gives them DLC NLC5 compliance or provides a fast track for obtaining DLC certification for their own lighting control brands.

Adopted last year by the Bluetooth SIG, Bluetooth NLC drives innovation in lighting control today, enabling companies to build powerful and data-rich solutions that drive efficiencies across commercial spaces. The first full-stack standard for wireless lighting control covers standardization on the radio layer, the protocol layer, and the device layer, enabling multi-vendor interoperability and positioning itself as the global wireless standard for commercial and industrial lighting applications.

For more information on how to utilize this new DLC listing in your projects and take advantage of available incentives, reach out to us at business@silvair.com.

About Silvair

Silvair is a leading provider of wireless lighting controls based on the global Bluetooth NLC standard. As the world’s first qualified Bluetooth NLC solution, we empower our partners across Europe, U.S., and Asia to build robust components and systems that combine commercial-grade reliability with endless data discovery capabilities. Silvair leverages the unique characteristics of Bluetooth NLC to provide simple yet powerful tools for commissioning, managing, and monitoring of wireless lighting control networks. To learn more, visit www.silvair.com.