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Silvair compliance guide

Adhering to UK lighting and energy standards


Silvair compliance guide explores the most important lighting control regulations currently valid in the United Kingdom. It also addresses some of the other legal requirements that affect building owners and lighting manufacturers alike.

As regulations continue to intensify, navigating lighting and energy standards becomes increasingly difficult. The challenge is to comply with current requirements while future-proofing the business against changes in legislation and technology landscape. The wireless control technology from Silvair delivers that peace of mind to commercial real estate and lighting industry stakeholders. Found in multiple lighting products from Europe's leading manufacturers, it provides all the tools needed to comply with legal obligations.


Key learning points: 

  • The most important lighting-related regulations applicable in the U.K.
  • How Silvair enables businesses and institutions to meet regulatory requirements 
  • Major competitive advantages of wireless controls based on Bluetooth NLC standard
  • Energy-efficient lighting control strategies enabled by Silvair
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