Who we are


Silvair is a rapidly growing company developing innovative IoT technologies for the smart lighting industry. We provide advanced software solutions for wireless lighting control and commercial building automation.

As a leading contributor to the Bluetooth SIG, we drove the development of Bluetooth mesh - a new communication standard for the Internet of Things. We were the first company in the world to develop a qualified Bluetooth mesh stack, and the first IoT business listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Now we aim to be the world’s no. 1 provider of wireless solutions for professional lighting applications.


Our mission is to deliver a lighting solution which will improve on life standards in personal and working environments making them healthier, friendlier, more efficient and more inspiring. Our team of lion-hearted and talented specialists is fully committed to helping those involved in shaping our future.


Silvair was established in 2013 and since its conception,the company’s main focus was to create intelligent lighting systems later to become used in buildings all over the world. The name of our company comes from a Latin phrase SILVA RERUM, which translates as a forest of things. The meaning corresponds both to our concept of integrating our smart lighting technology into the Internet of Things and to us building the biggest forest-like high-tech open ecosystem of connected devices. We currently operate using two offices; one in Cracow, Poland and the other one in San Francisco, USA. Our financial support of $12.7M provided by private and institutional VCs from all over the world lays the foundation for designing and developing lighting control solutions in the years to come.

Kraków, PL

MEET Rafal Han!


An experienced entrepreneur, investor, and advisor specializing in cutting-edge technologies. Crazy about VW Vanagons from the 80’ and old-school Lambretta scooters.

San Francisco, USA

MEET Szymon Słupik!


Serial entrepreneur with a strong engineering background. Loves travels, photography and life hacking.

Our Values

Team Work

Our crew works together just like a pack of wolves - constantly supporting each other in our high-tech natural environment.

As a member, you will never be short of professional knowledge nor help from your teammates. We all treat our peers with respect when focusing on finding the best solutions.


We have our eagle eye constantly focused on the future while heading for greatness in whatever we do. Striving for perfection and paying attention to details drive the most excellent outcomes.

We will appreciate work efficiency mixed with out-of-the-box thinking when improving upon the ideas in development.


We all have our lion’s share of commitments at Silvair and it is our job to give our best when resolving these tasks. What also matters is having a positive attitude towards your objectives and teammates. 

We need everyone to be fully reliable in any scenario as this is the best way to achieve great results.


As we are a fast-growing company operating in a dynamic high-tech environment, we want you to be curious and knowledge desiring.

Our intention is to bring new team members who express their ideas via “can-do” attitude. We all contribute to creating a positive working atmosphere proving that being a part of Silvair is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.


Flexible working hours

Are you a night owl or an early bird? No worries! Our flexible working hours schedule gives you more freedom as you can start your work between 7:00-9:00 a.m.


There is a personal computer waiting for you. OS X, Windows or Linux operating system - it is up to you to decide.

Parking space

Coming by car? There is always a parking space available for you at our premises.

Medical care

Take care of your health with your medical care package. We offer you a chance to look after yourself by visiting a vast number of private medical centres that we partner with.

Chillout room

Because we understand that time for relax is also necessary, we provide you with a functional working space with a chillout room for you to put your top down and recharge.

Company lunch

We all participate in company lunches which take place at noon. There is always vege or meat option available.

Growth money

We provide you with an individual budget for personal growth. It is your opportunity to take part in international conferences, to obtain job certifications or to buy additional learning materials as we are happy to support your progress.

Type of contract

Depending on your preferences - B2B contract or permanent agreement.

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