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Adaptive lighting systems in the era of smart luminaries

insightful review of the most effective advanced lighting control strategies

daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and time scheduling analysed from the point of view of smart lighting systems

valuable source of information for lighting manufacturers venturing into the IoT space, as well as for analysts and journalists who want to keep up with disruptive trends in the lighting sector


What you will learn

While proven and effective, advanced lighting control strategies haven’t really made their way to commercial buildings the world over. The increasingly stringent building energy codes are trying to change that, but it is technological innovation that has a major role to play in transforming the way energy is used in commercial spaces. “Adaptive lighting systems in the era of smart luminaires” looks at how smart lighting can dramatically accelerate widespread adoption of advanced lighting control strategies, radically minimizing the cost, workload and time required to deploy them in commercial environment.

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