Lighting Control


Silvair provides a robust lighting control technology based on the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard. Whether you are a component manufacturer, a facility manager, or an energy service company, you can easily deploy our solutions to strengthen your competitive advantage and create new revenue streams.

Firmware for lighting components

Wireless control with wire-like reliability

We offer advanced lighting control firmware for lighting components, including drivers, switches, sensors and fixture controllers. With Silvair, you can build simple to complex smart lighting products, flexibly choosing desired features to match your customers’ needs. You get a ready-to-use wireless technology and guaranteed compliance with the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard.

Wire-like performance


Our products are designed for professional lighting applications. With Silvair Firmware, you get enterprise-level reliability, scalability and security.

Global interoperability


All our solutions are qualified by the Bluetooth SIG. This means your components will work with qualified Bluetooth mesh devices from other vendors.



We provide flexible integration options and dedicated prototyping & manufacturing tools. You'll get to market quicker and your development costs will be lower.



You won’t have to do any additional programming. We take full care of your transition to wireless, while also providing your customers with our award-winning commissioning tools.

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Lighting control for everyone

Advanced strategies have never been easier

We provide intuitive apps for standard-compliant  Bluetooth mesh lighting networks. Designed to support large-scale installations deployed in commercial environments, they offer powerful commissioning, fine-tuning, and everyday management features. The bottom line is faster ROI, shortened path to advanced control strategies, and facilitated compliance with building energy codes.



Designed to drastically simplify the commissioning process, our solutions don’t require specialized trainings or lighting control engineering expertise.



With our commissioning tools, you will set up the entire system faster than ever before. All networking processes are automated, you just need to connect the dots.



With our remote configuration feature, you can perform a large part of the commissioning process from the comfort of your desk. Fine-tuning is entirely remote.



We’re breaking down the barriers to advanced control strategies by lowering the upfront investment, enabling non-disruptive implementation, and shortening the ROI.

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