Lighting control
for everyone

Intuitive apps for standard-compliant Bluetooth mesh lighting networks.  Advanced control strategies, simple implementation, unmatched flexibility.

Planning stage

Plan every detail from the comfort of your desk

The first part of the commissioning process - the planning stage - can be carried out remotely to minimize the time spent on site. Using our web application, you’ll perform initial commissioning activities to set up a lighting control system tailored to your needs.

  • Create your account and start a new project
  • Upload floor plans
  • Add collaborators
  • Create lighting zones
  • Choose lighting control profiles for your zones
  • Customize parameters if needed

Implementation stage 

Finish things on-site with a couple of clicks

Once the planning stage is complete, you will need to visit the site to carry out the implementation stage. Using a smartphone or tablet with our mobile application, you will add individual devices to your network to finalize the commissioning process.

  • Open your project in the mobile app
  • Open that zone in the app and scan for available liminaires
  • Add all luminaires within a given zone to the network
  • Add wireless switches if needed
  • Calibrate light sensors if needed profiles for your zones
  • Test lighting control within a given zone and optimize parameters



Video courses

Get familiar with some basic terms of Silvair app and learn how to perform simple tasks preceding the commissioning process.


Video courses

Get a closer look at the planning stage and what it takes to fully prepare a site for a Bluetooth mesh network implementation.


Video courses

Learn how to finalize the commissioning process and complete the set up of your wireless lighting control system.


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