Silvair Firmware End of Life (EoL) Policy

  1. This Firmware End of Life (hereinafter: “EoL”) policy defines the support provided by Silvair for the Activated Firmware.

  2. The support is provided throughout the Term defined in the Agreement and for 60 months from the release of each of the Firmware (“Extended Support Period”).

  3. No other support shall be provided by Silvair regarding the Activated Firmware.

  4. The support provided by Silvair shall be understood as:

    1. To ensure that the Firmware (i) provides functionalities defined in the specification at the moment of its release, and (ii) works with the Components which should be compliant with the hardware requirements listed in the specification available at the following link:

    2. To provide fixes to Defects reported for the Activated Firmware. Fixes means a release of the Update or the Upgrade (e.g. 2.17.1 or 2.18) as stated in the Agreement between parties.

    3. To fix Defects detected by Silvair or the Partner during Partner’s Testing Process and Silvair Testing Process, which means either (i) a modification or addition to or deletion that when made to the Firmware materially conforms the Firmware to the specifications for such a Firmware Amendments or (ii) a procedure or routine that, when observed in the regular operation of the Firmware, eliminates the material adverse effect of such Defects on the Component.

  5. Partner’s obligations:

    1. To use best efforts to diagnose the problem before raising a Defect and to ensure that the problem relates to the Activated Firmware and is classified correctly as a Defect.

    2. To notify Silvair by submitting the Support Case for the Defect.

    3. Together with the Support Case, to submit: (i) the unique SKU number (or any other number assigned by the Partner for the Component) and (ii) the output and any other data that Silvair may reasonably require to reproduce the Defect and the operating conditions under which the Defect occurred or was discovered. All information, oral or written, communicated between the parties concerning any Defects, is deemed to be Confidential Information as stated in the Agreement between parties.

  6. After the Extended Support Period, Silvair will no longer develop, repair, maintain or test the Firmware (in particular, security related fixes).

  7. The Partner may at its sole discretion use the Activated Firmware beyond the Extended Support Period.

  8. On the Partner’s written request, MaTE will allow Firmware to be activated beyond the Extended Support Period for the requested period of time.