Once your Bluetooth mesh lighting is up and running, our software tools will let you take full control of the luminaires. With just a couple of clicks, you can fine-tune, optimize or even entirely rearrange your lighting in accordance with occupants’ needs or energy code requirements.

Lighting diagnostics

Instantly identify lighting problems

Connected luminaires can provide a very detailed insight into how your lighting system performs. With smart LEDs reporting their basic operational parameters in real-time, you can instantly be notified about any performance issues, such as luminaire failure or overheating. You will know when your luminaires are nearing the end of their lifespan, and will be able to fix potential problems before the failure creates disruption. All operational data and usage statistics can be accessed remotely.

What types of data can be retrieved from smart luminaires?

  • current status (on / off / failure)
  • current output
  • current temperature
  • peak temperature
  • total run hours
  • average daily run hours
  • and much more
early detection
of problems
lower maintenance
improved occupant

Energy monitoring

Optimize energy consumption

With a wireless control system deployed in your building, you can closely monitor and control how much energy your lighting consumes. From single luminaires and individual rooms to entire floors and buildings, you will be provided with detailed energy consumption data in the form of raw numbers or convenient visual heatmaps. By analyzing this data, you can optimize energy use and easily identify which lighting control strategies work best for you.

What can you do with fine-grained energy data?

  • eliminate excessive energy consumption across your building
  • compare it with occupancy data to identify energy waste
  • reduce your building’s peak energy demand
  • take advantage of peak time rebates
  • meet DLC’s Networked Lighting Controls V4.0 requirements to be introduced in 2020
easier regulatory
precise ROI
lower energy
smaller environmental

Emergency lighting maintenance

Automate emergency lighting tests

The fire code requires that the emergency lights be inspected and tested at least once a month. With a Bluetooth mesh lighting control system deployed in your building, this process can be entirely automated. Our software will do all the necessary testing and verify whether the infrastructure works as expected. You won’t have to arrange a visit from a fire safety expert and bear additional costs. For now, our solution enables emergency lighting tests that comply with fire code requirements applicable in the UK and the US.

What is covered?

  • scheduled & on-request emergency lighting tests
  • detailed test reports (cloud / e-mail)
  • output a 0-10V or 1-10V analog dimming signal to control an external driver
  • identification of problematic devices on a floor plan
  • automatic alerts in case of test failure
easier regulatory
increased occupant
lower maintenance




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