Data-driven services for smart buildings

Innovative IoT services for Bluetooth mesh lighting networks. Get access to essential building data and turn it into tangible business value.

Occupancy analytics

Make better use of your space

A sensor infrastructure deployed across your building not only enables the efficient occupancy sensing strategy, but can also provide you with detailed occupancy data. Our tools will aggregate this data and deliver it to you in the most convenient, visualized form. Depending on the type of your business, you can use it in many different ways to drive efficiencies, improve processes, and generate more savings.

What can you do with occupancy data?

  • identify bottlenecks and prevent wasting space
  • increase the efficiency of cleaning services
  • learn how employees use your space to meet their needs better
  • get familiar with customer habits
  • easily evaluate desk-to-employee ratios
  • optimize the efficiency of HVAC systems
more efficient
space utilization


improved occupant

Take full advantage of your lighting network

For building owners and facility managers, Bluetooth mesh lighting networks open up data-driven decision making. Services such as occupancy visualization, asset tracking or beacons will help optimize processes across commercial spaces, enabling further savings and improving customer experience. If you would like to be among the first to test these services please let us know at

To truly unlock these values, the industry needs widely agreed standards not only in terms of wireless communication technologies, but also in terms of data formats and software interfaces.


This is why all our solutions are based on the global Bluetooth mesh standard. Also for this reason, our data gateway is based exclusively on open-source technologies, including BlueZ and Ubuntu Core.


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