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Silvair provides solutions for lighting networks compliant with the Bluetooth mesh standard. Designed to support large-scale installations deployed in commercial environments, we offer powerful and highly secure commissioning, fine-tuning, and everyday management features, compliant with DLC NLC V5 and other standard regulations.

special training program designed for installers, contractors and companies to allow you to gain new skills and an understanding of how to use the Silvair lighting control solutions to achieve the best results in projects.




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a certified professional

Wire-like performance
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With our training program, you’ll gain comprehensive knowledge of Silvair lighting control solutions and qualified Bluetooth mesh.

Global interoperability
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Once you complete the training, we’ll promote you through various channels, showcasing your expertise and projects.

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You’ll have access to our learning platform and become a part of the Silvair certified installers community.

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We’ll list your name on our page as a trusted Silvair system partner, helping you build credibility and win more business.


Join the community of professionals
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of Silvair lighting control solutions:


"I liked training very much. In a short time ecosystem and functionalities of the Silvair Bluetooth Mesh-based connected lighting solution was given and explained in detail. Myself, I was not "new" at the time of training. I have already had experience with that system in the office and the field, so planning and implementation were familiar. However, I benefited a lot from the details of how the project is structured, from the initiation phase, through planning and down to implementation. Also, hearing technical details again in one go and without exceptions was great. I liked the Q&A session afterward, such sessions always have to be a part of such training. I recommend Silvair Professional Training both for newcomers as well as for experienced people."

Yevhen Polyhach
Data scientist/Product Manager at LEDCity AG


"Before I took the training, I already had some experience doing projects using the system. It was a good system to start with, and it’s now a very good system because of all improvements that have been made. It was very well showcased in training. I’m impressed with the speed and stability of the app and the firmware updates in the devices. I think it is one of the best wireless systems around, and I’m happy the training walked me through the entire system. It’s a really good job."

Russel Joseph
National Technical Sales Manager - Controls at Luceco Group



Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect from the course:

  • Interactive content
  • Quizzes, tasks,
  • Hands-on step-by-step sessions
  • Real-life cases
  • Troubleshooting content
  • Presenter-led and live sessions