Quick visual guide Lighting 2.0

Lighting 2.0 presentation

A couple of weeks ago, we released our white paper on Lighting 2.0, a comprehensive introductory material for everyone willing to get familiar with smart lighting fundamentals. We’ve received a fair amount of positive feedback on it, so we decided to consolidate some of its most essential content into a Quick Visual Guide to Lighting 2.0. In addition to the best pieces from the “Introduction to smart lighting”, the presentation also includes some more recent market data and a brand new graphic layout. If you’ve already seen the white paper, this will serve as a handy recap of the most valuable topics. If you haven’t, you can quickly skim through our short SlideShare presentation and then dive into the original “Introduction to Smart Lighting” to get all the details.

The presentation can also be downloaded from the media section of our website.

Silvair Team

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