Introduction Smart Lighting

Today we present our new white paper Introduction to smart lighting which is now available for download from the refurbished Silvair website. The document consolidates some essential information relating to the concept of lighting 2.0, constituting a comprehensive introductory material for everyone willing to get familiar with smart lighting fundamentals.

Smart lighting these days

There is clearly a lot of buzz around smart lighting these days, but at the same time there is a fair amount of confusion and uncertainty about it, both among customers and professionals involved in the lighting market value chain. In our white paper, we try to cut through some of the noise that has built up around this subject to set out the real value that lighting 2.0 can deliver. We also analyze its potential impact on the entire lighting industry, and present our approach to the UX challenges accompanying the introduction of solutions that are turning upside down the more-than-century-old lighting control paradigm.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll try to provide a more in-depth analysis of some of the issues mentioned in this study, starting with a brief series of articles about the strengths and weaknesses of the leading wireless communication protocols. So get your copy of the “Introduction to smart lighting” and stay tuned to see what’s coming next.

Silvair Team

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