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Information-centric networking:

a revolutionary approach to wireless lighting control

a deep dive into information-centric networking (ICN) and its enormous potential in connected lighting environment

learn what challenges ICN solves and how it addresses the three pain points of today’s wireless lighting control systems: simplicity, scalability and reliability

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What you will learn


Information-centric networking (ICN) is a revolutionary concept developed to address the challenges relating to the exponential growth of data traffic across the Internet. But its major paradigms can be applied to other networking technologies, including those underlying wireless lighting controls. Such an approach produces indisputable benefits, including streamlined data exchange process and drastically improved scalability. This white paper explains what ICN means for connected lighting and how it can be implemented in the lighting environment. It also describes how the Bluetooth mesh specification embraces the information-centric communication model to enable wire-like reliability in professional lighting applications.



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