Silvair joins the leading Bluetooth innovators at Discover Blue: London 2016

This week, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group is hosting its “Discover Blue” media event in London. It is a great opportunity for media and analysts to get familiar with the latest cutting-edge technologies and products based on Bluetooth. Silvair will be there, too, showcasing its pioneering smart lighting system with a mesh architecture.

So what exactly have we prepared for all the technology, lifestyle and consumer media that will show up at “Discover Blue”? First off, visitors will have a chance to see Silvair Logic in action. This powerful multi-protocol gateway serves as a mesh network provisioner and manager, as well as a data hub for routing the data generated by the entire lighting network into the cloud. While in the case of smaller lighting networks, both device provisioning and network management can be done using a smartphone with our Silvair app, we highly recommend Logic for smart lighting networks with more than 30 nodes. Its browser-based interface allows for setting up advanced scenarios and monitoring the lighting system performance in real time. By sending all relevant data – both from smart LEDs and smart sensors – to the cloud, Logic allows building owners and administrators to gain unprecedented insight into their lighting systems and processes taking place across their spaces.

We’ll also present the key components of a smart lighting solution developed by Organic Response and Silvair. Our connectivity modules – developed specifically for a variety of lighting applications – enable the adaptive, energy-efficient lighting control system designed by our Australian partner to collect location-specific occupancy data, as well as LED performance data, from individual fixtures. Travelling through a robust Bluetooth-based Silvair Mesh network, all this data is captured by the Silvair Logic gateway, pushed to the cloud, and visualized in the cloud-based Portal platform developed by Organic Response. This is exactly the solution which was used in the pilot project implemented at the AGL head office in Melbourne, Australia. Some more detailed information about that case study can be found here. The first stage of the project was a great success, and the installation is now being expanded to include a 4-digit number of nodes. Together, Silvair and Organic Response enable next-level energy intelligence that doesn’t require any wires and can be implemented basically overnight.

Finally, we’ll also present Silvair Bridge, a device for turning existing LED fixtures into smart fixtures within a blink of an eye. Once connected to Silvair Bridge, a fixture can communicate with other nodes via a Bluetooth mesh network. We’ve built it to make the transition into the IoT as easy as possible. With Silvair Bridge, no integration efforts are required on the manufacturer’s side – this is how Silvair brings plug-and-play to the world of smart lighting. At Discover Blue, we’ll show how quickly Silvair Bridge can be installed to enable seamless wireless control via smartphone app and/or wireless switches.

Last but not least, the Bluetooth SIG will be making some important announcements during the event, so watch out for exciting news stories about both Bluetooth and Silvair shortly after Discover Blue: London!


Silvair Team

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