Another major industry event, another speech from Silvair

The Illuminating Engineering Society Conference in Orlando, US is another major lighting industry event with the IoT on everyone’s lips. The theme of this year’s IES conference is “Connected Light” so we simply had to be there to say a word or two about Bluetooth Mesh, the world’s first wireless communication standard designed specifically for lighting applications.

“Connected lighting in commercial environment ‐ challenges and barriers to adoption. Can Bluetooth Mesh be the answer?” is the title of the speech that our CTO and co-founder Simon Slupik will give during the IES 2016. If you happen to attend the event, make sure that on Tuesday (October 25) at 2 p.m. you’re sitting comfortably at Regency Hall 4. You’ll hear what the upcoming adoption of the global Bluetooth Mesh standard means for the lighting industry, and what makes the new Bluetooth flavor such a reliable engine for high-density multi-service mesh networks that other protocols simply cannot handle today.

Silvair Team

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