Silvair Commissioning and Monitoring

A complete toolkit for connected
lighting networks


To let our partners - and their customers - unleash the full potential of connected lighting networks based on Bluetooth mesh, we have developed a complete solution for managing connected lighting systems. Designed to support large-scale installations deployed in commercial environments, it features advanced commissioning, maintenance and monitoring tools.

Silvair Monitoring

Basic to advanced lighting
control scenarios


Our solution enables seamless implementation of simple to complex lighting control scenarios without specialized training or lighting control engineering expertise. From a single space to multi-storey facilities, from simple switch-based operation to advanced lighting control strategies, our commissioning tools enable you to build lighting control systems that are perfectly tailored to your lighting needs. In addition, our solution allows facility managers to easily customize any operational parameters of their connected lighting systems in accordance with current lighting needs or applicable building energy codes.

toolkit for connected lighting networks


To minimize the cost and time required to set up a connected lighting network, we’ve divided the commissioning process into two stages.

The first one - the planning stage - is performed remotely using a browser-based interface. The person responsible for commissioning can perform all preparatory tasks before visiting the site.

Step 1

import floor plans

Step 2

define individual
lighting zones

Step 3

specify desired
lighting control scenarios

Silvair Commissioning


The commissioning process is finalized on-site using a smartphone/tablet with our dedicated commissioning app.

Step 1

add devices to your connected lighting network

Step 2

implement predefined
zones and scenarios

Step 3

optimize configuration
settings if needed


In addition to advanced lighting control capabilities, Bluetooth mesh lighting networks can provide multiple additional features and services. Silvair Monitoring is a set of software tools developed to take advantage of these possibilities. It provides valuable insights not only into a lighting control system powered by the Bluetooth mesh technology, but also into processes taking place across a given space. With Silvair Monitoring, facility managers get access to device diagnostic tools, as well as to fine-grained occupancy and energy consumption data. This data can be displayed in a convenient visual form (heatmaps).

IoT services


Light is where it all begins. Leveraging the unique proximity sensing capabilities of the Bluetooth radio, our platform lays infrastructure for a wide range of value-added services that can be delivered within commercial spaces. In the future, facility managers will be able to provide these innovative services using the already deployed Bluetooth mesh infrastructure. They include:



Occupancy-aware HVAC services

Asset tracking

Advanced energy intelligence

Precise indoor navigation

Building-wide data highway for multiple applications

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