Multi-service platform
a complete infrastructure for connected lighting

We are developing an end-to-end smart lighting platform for commissioning and managing large-scale connected lighting systems in commercial spaces. It combines wireless control capabilities with a powerful infrastructure for delivering innovative value-added services.


To minimize the cost and time required to set up a connected lighting network, we’ve divided the commissioning process into two major stages. It can be carried out using dedicated software solutions developed by Silvair.

  • automatic device discovery
  • groups
  • scenes
  • simple commissioning of associations
  • time scheduling
  • occupancy sensing
  • daylight harvesting
  • full scalability
  • over-the-air firmware updates
  • configuration backup
  • support for lighting devices and sensory infrastructure

Using a browser-based interface, a person responsible for commissioning can remotely perform all prepa-ratory tasks before visiting the site. These include importing floor plans, defining individual lighting zones and specifying desired lighting control scenarios.

The commissioning process is finalized on-site using a smartphone/tablet with our dedicated commissioning app. During this stage, devices are added to the network, while previously specified control scenarios are automatically incorporated into relevant network nodes.


Nodes of a smart mesh network can periodically report multiple operational parameters. Using our maintenance tools, administrators can easily retrieve real-time and historical data to gain unprecedented insight into performance of the entire lighting infrastructure.

By analyzing unexpected occurrences in datasets, administrators can identify what components could fail and how to fix them before the failure creates disruption.

    Examples of maintenance data that can be reported:

  • current status (on/off)
  • current light output
  • total operating hours
  • time elapsed since last power on
  • current / total power consumption
  • current operating temperature
  • maximum operating temperature over lifetime
  • ... and much more

Value-added services

Leveraging the unique proximity sensing capabilities of the Bluetooth radio, the platform lays infrastructure for a wide range of value-added services that can be provided within commercial spaces. In order to unleash the full potential of Bluetooth mesh networking, we are currently developing a number of exciting functionalities that we’ll be gradually adding to the architecture of our platform. These include:


occupancy analytics and space utilization


beacons-via-lighting infrastructure


precise indoor navigation


asset tracking


occupancy-based climate control


building-wide data highway for other sensors, devices and systems

Let us know what your need to start building your mesh devices!