New Silvair Commissioning release: more accurate mesh quality test and faster commissioning

We have just released new versions of our commissioning apps. ​​​​Have a look at the most important new features and improvements!

Web app V.202007.3
Mobile app V.1.28


1. Improved mesh quality test algorithms

This release introduces new mesh quality test algorithms that enable more granular and effective testing of communication between devices. Whenever a mesh quality test is launched, the mobile app will now send data packets to all devices within a given area to verify whether each node has network connectivity. Test results will be presented as a percentage of devices that passed the test. The zones that contain unresponsive devices will be displayed in red, allowing installers to quickly locate them on the floor plan.

Previously, the mobile app would test only several random devices within each zone before classifying individual zones as responsive or unresponsive. The new approach ensures that unresponsive nodes are not overlooked during the test, and provides a more accurate picture of the overall network condition. The mesh quality test becomes an important troubleshooting tool that should considerably facilitate the commissioning of more complex installations, minimizing the risk of connectivity issues and reducing the cost of support.



1. Convenient testing of zones with multiple scenes / scheduling

The Test tab in the mobile app allows installers to quickly test basic lighting control features within a commissioned zone (on/off, dimming, scene recall). The goal is to verify whether the zone has been configured according to the plan. Such tests were not possible for zones with multiple scenes or scheduling profiles – but this is about to change following today’s release.

When commissioning zones with multiple scenes, the app will now display custom scene buttons in the test tab to enable convenient zone testing. The names of the buttons will correspond to the names of zones assigned by the user during pre-commissioning. In the case of scheduling, users will be able to quickly test all of the scheduled scenes. These improvements should shorten the commissioning time and facilitate early troubleshooting.

2. Faster commissioning with the new Duplicate zone feature

We continue to streamline the pre-commissioning process, this time by adding the Duplicate zone feature to our web app. It allows users to quickly create a copy of an existing zone, retaining all of its essential settings such as control profile, energy profile, or name (with a relevant suffix). Zone-specific information, such as already added devices or zone linking, will be cleared.
This new feature will be particularly useful when commissioning large-scale projects with multiple similar zones. The Duplicate button can be found in the zone context menu. Alternatively, users can drag-and-drop the original zone while holding the alt key (Windows) or the ⌥ option key (macOS). The animation below shows how easy it is to create new zones via drag-and-drop.

3. Zone linking accessible from the sidebar

The Zone linking button was previously available only from the zone context menu. This location was not always convenient and could easily be overlooked by new users. To address this, we have added a relevant button also to the sidebar menu so that zone linking can now be accessed from two separate locations.

4. More detailed commissioning reports

Following this release, additional configuration details will be available in commissioning reports generated by our web app. The reports will now include i.a. information about the scenes stored in profiles, or details regarding auto-proxy nodes. We have also fixed several minor bugs affecting how commissioning data is displayed in the reports.

5. Multiple scenes scenario renamed to Multiple scenes / Scheduling

For the sake of clarity, we have changed the name of the Multiple scenes scenario to Multiple scenes / Scheduling. This small adjustment should help new users find their way around the app.



1. New password requirements

We have slightly adjusted password requirements to provide better protection of our users’ data against unauthorized access. For new accounts, the password length requirement has been increased to 12 characters from the previous 8 characters. In addition, when setting up a new password, it will not be possible to use a password that has already been used in the past.

2. Jailbreak warning message

Users will now see a pop-up warning message whenever they launch the mobile app on a jailbroken phone. This is only for information purposes - once the alert is closed, the app can be used as usual. However, we recommend not to use our commissioning tools on rooted/jailbroken devices as they might be open to certain security threats.

Silvair Team

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