Visit our booth at LIGHTFAIR International!

This year’s largest lighting trade show LIGHTFAIR International starts today in sunny Philadelphia.

More than 550 of the world’s leading lighting companies will showcase their latest technologies and innovations. Silvair will be there, too, so don’t forget to meet our team at booth #5911 in the New Exhibitor Pavilion. What is waiting there for you?

First of all, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming Bluetooth Mesh standard. Its development has already reached the final stage and the formal adoption of the specification is only a matter of weeks now. Designed and developed in a collaborative effort of wireless communication experts and lighting industry professionals, Bluetooth Mesh is shaping up to become the world’s first wireless standard for commercial lighting applications. We’ve contributed strongly to its development and we have no doubts that it is going to have a transformative impact on the lighting sector. The industry is finally getting a wireless technology that is technically capable of delivering the qualities and services everyone has been waiting for. At our booth, we’ll provide you with comprehensive materials on this new global wireless standard and answer any questions you might have. Timing is everything when it comes to such disruptive technologies so make sure you’re prepared for what is coming!

Silvair Mesh Stack in action

We’ll also showcase our Silvair Mesh Stack in action. We’ve been developing this Bluetooth-based mesh networking solution over the past couple of years. The Stack has been optimized to enable low-latency mesh connectivity even in large-scale lighting networks that employ sensors to drive efficiencies. It is designed as a complete and finished solution, ready for instant integration with a variety of lighting products. With flexible integration options (PWM/0-10V/UART/DALI), the Silvair Mesh Stack ensures a smooth transition into the Internet of Things for manufacturers of LEDs, drivers, switches and sensors, giving our partners a head start with a ready-to-use wireless technology and the shortest time to market. Most importantly, the Silvair Mesh Stack can be updated over-the-air to become compliant with the Bluetooth Mesh standard following its adoption. Visit our booth to see how it performs and to learn about special evaluation and integration tools that we’ve prepared for our partners.

Last but not least, we’ll be showcasing the Silvair Platform, a scalable smart lighting ecosystem for professional applications which combines robust wireless control capabilities with a complete infrastructure for delivering a wide range of innovative value-added services. With a fully scalable architecture based on the Bluetooth mesh networking technology, the Silvair Platform enables building owners to deploy multi-service connected lighting networks that generate data from sensors and physical assets. By putting that data to work, they can predict, enhance and visualize building performance to improve site profitability, optimize space utilization, or increase customer satisfaction levels across all types of commercial spaces – from retail outlets and shopping centres to hospitals, airports and museums. What’s particularly important in the context of the approaching adoption of the Bluetooth Mesh specification, the Silvair Platform is designed to be fully compliant with the new global standard. This means it will be able to accommodate any Bluetooth Mesh – qualified products, regardless of whether they employ the Silvair Mesh Stack or another implementation of the core Bluetooth Mesh stack.

So if you happen to be in Philly this week, make sure not to miss booth #5911 in the New Exhibitor Pavilion. When it comes to Bluetooth Mesh, this is the place to be during this year’s LFI event. See you there!

Silvair Team

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