Silvair smart lighting platform at AGL head office in Melbourne

We’re proud to announce that a pilot project featuring the Silvair lighting technology has recently been launched at the AGL head office, an A-grade, 6-star Green Star rated building in Melbourne, Australia. Below we present a sneak peek into this pioneering deployment, with more detailed information to be soon published on our blog.

The Silvair solution was integrated into the existing lighting fixtures which already featured an adaptive lighting control system from Organic Response. The solution developed by Organic Response automatically adjusts the output of individual fixtures based on occupancy and ambient light level detection, but the addition of the Silvair platform allows for sending data generated by devices (luminaires, sensors) into the cloud via a robust Bluetooth mesh network. By using appropriate analytical tools, this data can be put to work in order to improve the performance of the entire lighting infrastructure and streamline processes across the organization.

office lighting melbourne

Office lighting Melbourne

As part of the upgrade, Sensor Nodes’ firmware had to be reflashed in order to enable them to join the Silvair platform. Physical installation involved only plugging Organic Response PCBAs featuring Silvair Modules into individual fixtures across the five floors of the building. The last step of the upgrade was the installation and configuration of the Silvair Logic gateway, a lighting network setup and management tool which also serves as a data hub for routing data generated by smart devices into the cloud.

Data collected from LEDs and Sensor Nodes is sent to Logic at desired time intervals (in this case, a 10-second interval was used). Additionally, Sensor Nodes notify Logic whenever they detect relevant changes in their environment. The gateway pushes all that data into the cloud – through MQTT connector – where it can be stored and analyzed. This allows for real-time monitoring of:

→ ambient light level

→ individual fixtures’ light output

→ occupancy status

→ individual fixtures’ health status


smart lighting platform - heatmap

Smart lighting platform

Data gathered from smart devices is visualized in Organic Response’s cloud-based Portal platform. The smart lighting system deployed this way provides the following benefits:

→ energy savings from 56% to 78%

→ continuous stream of data allowing building owners and administrators to gain unprecedented insight into their lighting systems and processes taking place across their spaces (occupancy within individual rooms, lighting usage patterns, crowd movement patterns across the entire building, etc.)

→ low installation costs (no wires)

→ little or no office downtime during installation

Silvair Team

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