Silvair CTO giving a speech at LpS 2016

LED Professional Symposium + Expo 2016 is kicking off today in Bregenz, Austria. One of Europe’s foremost lighting technology events promises to be a real feast for people in lighting industry and research, and we’re proud to announce that Silvair will be part of it!

Our CTO and co-founder Szymon Slupik (who, by the way, has recently been appointed the chair of the Mesh Working Group at Bluetooth SIG) is to give a speech on Bluetooth Mesh and the role of standards in widespread adoption of commercial smart lighting systems – so make sure you don’t miss it if you happen to be at LpS 2016.

Szymon’s lecture will be part of, what else, the “Smart lighting and connectivity” block. His presentation will start on Wednesday (Sep 21) at 12:00. He will explain why wireless lighting control hasn’t really taken taken off in commercial spaces yet, and why Bluetooth Mesh will be the world’s first wireless communication standard capable of addressing all of the major challenges awaiting in this difficult environment. See you there!


Silvair Team

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