Silvair continues to surprise with its wireless lighting control technology at LuxLive 2017

LuxLive 2017 now belongs to the past, but our presence at ExCel was fruitful and will definitely stay in our memories for a long time. We went to London in order to present our innovative lighting control solution based on Bluetooth mesh networking technology having a couple of new aces up our sleeves.

As the market starts to demand an open standard for wireless lighting systems, a huge interest in Bluetooth mesh technology during the event in London comes as no surprise. Right at the forefront of this solution comes Silvair with our latest lighting firmware and commissioning/maintenance platform ready to revolutionize the entire industry.

Because we are recognized as the leader in developing the recently adopted Bluetooth mesh open standard, our presence both in our own booth as well as at the stand in the Bluetooth Hub, a special booth of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, was therefore expected. Silvair’s representatives were showcasing a number of products such as the world’s first qualified Bluetooth mesh networking stack with complete lighting firmware packages as well as dedicated tools for system commissioning.

During the 2nd day, a thought-provoking panel discussion took place including various companies’ spokespersons debating whether we can prevent a platform war before it starts – and Silvair’s voice was certainly heard. The day before event attendees had the opportunity to meet with Silvair’s CTO, Simon Slupik, as he gave an enlightening presentation on ways of building Bluetooth mesh networks and how to incorporate them when designing smart lighting infrastructures. Being the chair of the Mesh Working Group at the Bluetooth SIG gives him the privilege to discuss all the details concerning this particular design and the company’s ideas for lighting control innovations coming in the future.

Right now our team prepares for the introduction of their partnerships with lighting industry companies regarding the first series of components using Bluetooth mesh technology by Q1 2018. At the same time, we focus on bringing two major products to the market – Silvair lighting firmware and Silvair platform – both expanding on their wireless lighting experience.

Although the already existing form of our technology made quite the impression at LuxLive 2017, Silvair’s engineers are already thinking ahead with their plans to introduce a number of impressive IoT services such as occupancy analytics or asset tracking to their system next year. However, as our company spends its time developing these tools, our prime focus is on delivering exactly what the lighting industry needs the most.

Silvair Team

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