Silvair awarded for outstanding contribution to the SIG

We are proud to announce that two of our colleagues have just received Member Awards from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group in recognition of their substantial contribution to the SIG’s working groups.

Simon Slupik, our CTO and co-founder, was recognized as an Outstanding New Contributor in Bluetooth SIG Groups, while Piotr Winiarczyk, head of engineering Bluetooth, was awarded for Outstanding Contributions to the Adoption of Internet Protocol Support Profile.

Ever since we joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, we felt that we needed to share our innovative proprietary solutions based on the Bluetooth Smart specification with a wider audience to help push the Bluetooth standard forward. The SIG’s working groups gave us such opportunity as they are on the frontline developing new specifications and enhancing existing ones. Our deep involvement in both the Smart Mesh Working Group and the Internet Working Group allows us to exchange our knowledge and experience with other industry leading companies to shape the future of Bluetooth technology. It is therefore a great honor for us to be recognized as a particularly valuable asset to the organization which oversees the development of Bluetooth protocol and the licensing of Bluetooth products.

We’ll keep sharing our core IP with the SIG to drive and influence the direction of Bluetooth in the exciting world of the IoT. Right now we are focusing on the efforts to build the architecture for a standardized mesh networking capability. With our proprietary Silvair mesh solution already operational and reliable, we are providing the Smart Mesh Working Group with some crucial input to help adjust the upcoming mesh standard to consumer needs and market requirements. Its formal adoption is expected next year, and we are looking forward to the grand premiere of this game-changing technology.

Silvair Team

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