Our speaker at Wireless Congress 2016

Silvair CTO Simon Slupik does not stop evangelizing about the benefits of Bluetooth Mesh in commercial lighting environment. His next stop is the Wireless Congress 2016, one of the most important wireless communication industry events the world over. The event is taking place between November 9 and 10 in Munich, Germany.

This year’s Wireless Congress program will focus on mobile radio communication, RF technologies, energy harvesting, wireless power, PAN, WLAN, RFID, NFC, wireless testing and standardization, long range technologies and localization. All relevant wireless technologies will be present at the event, with their newest solutions and experts, from A to Z, with dedicated sessions and tutorials for Bluetooth, EnOcean, IP500, KNX RF, LoRa, Thread, ULE, ZigBee, Z-Wave and 6LoWPAN. The Wireless Congress 2016 will give a comprehensive overview of current wireless standards, protocols and applications, safety and security aspects, system design tips, technology enhancements, standardisation and market opportunities. There will be 65 presentations, 2 keynotes and 9 tutorials in 2 days.

Not surprisingly, Simon’s speech will be part of the Bluetooth session (no. 12) which starts on Thursday, November 10, at 9 a.m. The CTO of Silvair will enter the stage at 9:30 to give a presentation titled “Bluetooth Mesh: a platform for services”.

As the concept of a digital ceiling evolves, more and more applications keep emerging where Bluetooth Mesh enables an entirely new level of integration between different types of core building infrastructure. A Bluetooth Mesh network implemented in a commercial environment becomes a platform for services; a powerful, multi-application engine that is going to turn commercial buildings into adaptive, sustainable and truly smart organisms. During his speech, Simon will outline multiple layers of services that can be set up on a Bluetooth Mesh network, from flexible wireless lighting control and predictive product maintenance to beacons, occupancy analytics and asset tracking. He will also share some of the lessons we’ve learned from our pilot mesh project at AGL Energy head office in Melbourne, which we’ve implemented in cooperation with Organic Response. Do not miss it if you’re attending the Wireless Congress 2016!


Silvair Team

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