Join the webinar with Lux Review about commissioning wireless lighting infrastructures

When technology providers discuss their smart lighting systems, commissioning is usually an overlooked topic. For that reason, the number of unanswered questions is growing and the process is still a mystery to many.

On February 28, Ray Pfeifer, VP of Sales and Business Development at Silvair, will have the chance to shed more light on the commissioning procedures, removing a taboo patch attached to them. Ray, who has participated in the development of various control systems for the past 30 years, will co-host a special webinar with Lux Review to thoroughly discuss the challenges of setting up connected lighting systems. He will make comparisons between various wireless and wired solutions, both showing their strengths and exposing limitations imposed by the technological nature of selected communication protocols. An important topic for Ray will be to discuss opportunities provided by the Bluetooth mesh technology for improving on the wireless commissioning experience.

Commissioning wireless webinar

Entitled The ins and outs of wireless commissioning – practices, challenges, opportunities, the event will take place at 1pm GMT , 7am CT. Do not miss on this chance to learn more about setting up wireless control systems using the Bluetooth mesh networking standard. Click the button below to register.


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