I AMsterdam – A one-of-a-kind chance to meet and hear Silvair’s CTO at Smart Building Conference 2018


On February 5, our CTO and the Chair of Mesh Working Group at the Bluetooth SIG, Simon Slupik, will be heading to Amsterdam to give a presentation at the Smart Building Conference 2018. The event will take place at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre and will include numerous industry professionals from all around the world discussing contemporary technological innovations and those that are yet to come. The major theme of this conference can be defined by the phrase – From Smart Building to Smart City, as the general idea is to represent a journey of digital networks and smart devices from our homes and small-scale locations to massive urban environments.

During the 1st day, as an expert in the field of wireless smart technologies, Simon will discuss how Bluetooth mesh embraces the Information Centric Networking concept when implemented in modern smart buildings. He will talk about the challenges with traditional network topologies, the idea behind the ICN, and the architecture of Bluetooth mesh and its benefits. Do not miss on that unique opportunity and visit Room E101 (Forum) at 3:00 p.m. (CET) to meet with Simon and to learn more about the use of mesh networking technologies.

We hope to see you there! Amsterdam awaits!

Silvair Team

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