The challenges and opportunities of wireless commissioning

We keep hearing about connected lighting systems and their benefits, but wireless commissioning is still a mystery to many. Commissioning remains one of the biggest challenges - and perhaps even taboos - of wireless environment. Different communication protocols require different approaches. In this webinar we will dive deep into the commissioning process, comparing how wired and wireless systems deal with it, while also discussing whether it’s possible to improve the wireless commissioning experience.

Opportunities of wireless commissioning - learning points:

  • Benefits of latest development in wireless technologies - where the connected lighting is heading today
  • Wired vs wireless systems - what becomes easier, what still needs to be addressed
  • Different approaches to wireless commissioning - can we expect any agreed approach to the process in foreseeable future?
  • Commissioning in Bluetooth mesh networking - what’s different, what tools are available

Join us on February 28th, at 1pm GMT, 7am CT, 5pm Dubai, 9pm HK. 

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Silvair Team

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