CES 2016: Silvair announces two new customers presenting a home lighting set based on Silvair Bluetooth Mesh [press release]

SAN FRANCISCO, January 5, 2016. Silvair (formerly known as Seed Labs), a wireless connectivity provider for a variety of lighting applications, introduces the first products featuring the Silvair Bluetooth Mesh technology.

“Having lamps from Girard Sudron and wireless switches from NodOn working together within the same technology is the best example of the interoperability the world of IoT has been waiting for. It simply works, with no hubs or gateways in between,” said Rafal Han, CEO at Silvair.

Mesh technology enables seamless and effective communication between different products even in a network with thousands of nodes. Using the Silvair app, customers are able to configure battery operated switches that control dimmable LED lamps. This creates a smart environment which provides end users with unprecedented comfort and freedom in managing their connected spaces.

Silvair Bluetooth Mesh will be fully compatible via software update with the Bluetooth mesh standard to be released in Q2 2016.

“Our goal is to deliver the best possible experience to our customers. We care about their comfort so it was crucial for us that our products can talk to each other and interoperate. We’re happy to become part of the Silvair ecosystem,” commented Thomas Gauthier, CEO at NodOn.

A set of 2 LED lamps from Girard Sudron and a wireless switch from NodOn will be available first across Europe, with the products showing up on store shelves by the end of Q1, 2016.


Silvair is a wireless technology provider that empowers manufacturers to build cutting edge products and enrich the experience of users in a software-defined environment. Silvair’s technology provides comfort, efficiency and safety to end users through data collected from connected lighting infrastructure.


NodOn® is a French brand of wireless Smart Home devices, providing full range of products in different wireless technologies.

Taking advantages of state of the art wireless technologies NodOn products allow to interact with your existing appliances, control your home and sense environnement.

Girard Sudron

Girard Sudron is the oldest lighting company in Europe producing and selling such lighting products as bulbs, luminaires and accessories / components.

Established in Paris in 1894, the company is well known as an expert in lighting, especially from decorative bulbs.

Silvair Team

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