Bluetooth® mesh stack
a full-stack implementation
of the Bluetooth mesh specification

Our Bluetooth mesh stack is a complete and flexible implementation of the core Bluetooth mesh networking stack. It allows lighting manufacturers to easily incorporate a robust and reliable wireless technology into their products. We give our partners a head start with a ready-to-use wireless technology, the shortest time to market, and guaranteed compliance with the Bluetooth mesh specification.

Complete and optimized for lighting

Our stack has been designed as a complete solution which is ready to be integrated with a variety of lighting products, including drivers, switches and sensors.

Compliant with global standard

Solutions developed by Silvair are fully compliant with the Bluetooth mesh networking standard, guaranteeing interoperability with devices using other implementations of the Bluetooth mesh specification.


Our stack can include various combinations of firmware libraries, each of them enabling different lighting features (Dimming, CCT, Color, etc.). Integration options include PWM, 0-10V, UART and DALI.

Ensuring shortest time-to-market

We provide our customers with a number of dedicated testing, prototyping and manufacturing tools that streamline and facilitate the process of incorporating Bluetooth mesh connectivity into lighting devices.

Firmware libraries

  • Silvair Light: Dimming Firmware

    • PWM dimming output optimized for 0-10V control
    • occupancy sensor input
    • ambient light sensor input
    • daylight harvesting light controller
    • compatible with Nordic nRF52 SoC (nRF52832)
    • recommended for multisensors, wireless fixture controllers, smart LED modules, LED drivers
  • Silvair Light: UART Firmware

    • UART input/output
    • flexible communication protocol allowing for connection with existing MCU
    • enables dimming, sensor and switch input
    • enables collection of maintenance data
    • daylight harvesting light controller
    • compatible with Nordic nRF52 SoC (nRF52832)
    • recommended for advanced LED drivers, custom sensor and switch devices
  • Silvair Light: DALI

    *coming soon*

Be first to the market with certified Bluetooth mesh products!

Let us introduce you to the first low-power wireless technology optimized for professional lighting applications. We’ve designed a sample network node called Single that can be used to evaluate the performance of our Bluetooth mesh networking technology. It is a small and simple device in a convenient USB dongle form factor, which can be powered from any USB socket delivering 5V/100mA. You can use it with our app/switch to test all major lighting control capabilities of Bluetooth mesh networking.

We also provide the Silvair Lighting Evaluation Kit, a modular development kit which contains a number of components that can be mounted onto the main evaluation board. It allows you to test basic lighting functionalities enabled by our Bluetooth mesh stack.
The Silvair Lighting Evaluation Kit can also be integrated with your lighting products in order to verify how they perform in a Bluetooth mesh network. We provide a dedicated firmware configuration app that can be used to adjust the parameters of our firmware during the technology evaluation process, as well as when prototyping devices implementing the Bluetooth mesh stack. The app allows quick and easy integration of the Silvair Lighting Evaluation Kit with a variety of lighting products.
Our Bluetooth mesh stack is already qualified, which confirms its full compliance with the Bluetooth mesh networking specification. This means our partners do not need to go through the full certification procedure. The process is shortened significantly which allows manufacturers to get to market quicker.
To support our partners at the manufacturing stage, we provide the Silvair Manufacturing and Testing Environment (MATE). It is a system that allows electronics manufacturers to program, configure and activate Silvair firmware during the product development and manufacturing process. Silvair MATE delivers all the necessary data from the Silvair Manufacturing Cloud to the manufactured devices in an operator-friendly way.

Let us know what you need to start building your mesh devices!