Bluetooth mesh
the first wireless standard
for professional lighting applications

With the arrival of the Bluetooth mesh networking standard, the industry is finally getting a wireless technology that can deliver the qualities and services everyone has been waiting for. Optimized to meet the challenging requirements of the commercial lighting environment, this new flavour of Bluetooth addresses two major challenges of today’s connected lighting: interoperability and scalability. On top of that, Bluetooth mesh networks can deliver multiple unique location-based services.

At Silvair, we were pioneers in developing proprietary mesh networks based on the Bluetooth radio. After joining the Bluetooth SIG, we became the leading contributor to the development of a standardized Bluetooth mesh networking technology. All our solutions are compliant with the global standard and optimized for professional lighting applications.

What makes Bluetooth mesh so disruptive?

Open, global and fully defined standard:

  • guaranteed cross-vendor interoperability
  • security architecture that can be publicly audited
  • single radio frequency

Robust performance, scalability and wire-like reliability:

  • fast network (by a wide margin)
  • self-healing mesh with multicast and multi-path delivery
  • scalability to thousands of nodes
  • high message rates
  • support for value-added services (beacons, asset tracking, indoor positioning and more)

Ease of deployment, ease of use:

  • no unnecessary complexity
  • capability to detect proximity of devices
  • compatibility with an enormous installed base of devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops with both BLE 4.x and BLE 5)

What makes us confident about the Bluetooth mesh standard?

The Bluetooth SIG, the body that oversees the development of all Bluetooth standards, has a number of exceptional characteristics.

Let us know what you need to start building your mesh devices!